Kate: Sisterhood of St. Gabriel Series

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This is the story of a steamy and sexy journey of Kate Keller’s post- prison life. She is now a very successful the Real Estate mogul and all areas of Kate’s life were moving right along except her love life. Her son was now playing college football and she had purchased, remodeled, and turned an old ranch house into her dream house. She and her business partner specialized in extreme homes as well as flipping old beat up ranch houses they would find in the county. On a surprise birthday trip to Texas she runs into her first love, Bo Thomas, in a smoky little honky tonk. Sparks are instantly ignited, but will those sparks turn into love or stay just a spark. She soon finds out as the weekend turns into a birthday celebration she will never forget, but the end of the weekends proves to be a multitude of skeletons falling out of both of their closets.Weeks later Bo shows up on Kate’s porch in effort to re-kindle the feel they had that simmering weekend in Texas. They are now faced the trial and tribulations of balancing her past, his crazy soon to be ex-wife, and her career. Will her past of being an ex-con be the deciding factor in their relationship or will it be his current situation? The next events take the reader through unforeseen twists and turns that will keep you on your toes and vigorously flipping pages as well as leave you with tears of heartfelt joy. The author integrates her southern charm and spicy Cajun personality throughout the different characters in the book and she brings humor to the reader where you would least expect it. The book’s backdrop is Louisiana and Texas based, but Alabama beaches make an appearance toward this rollercoaster of a love story.
The Kate: Sisterhood of St. Gabriel Series is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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